Wenzhou Kaixin Pump Industry Co.,Ltd.

Wenzhou Kaixin Pump Industry Co.,Ltd.is a modern pump manufacturing enterprise and its business ranges from research,production to marketing of pumps.Located in the Lucheng Light Industrial Park in Wenzhou-a provincial level economic and technologic development zone and close to the center of Wenzhou City,the company enjoys great geographic advantage and convenient transportation.

The factory has over 20,000 square meters of modern workshops and is well equipped with various production and inspection equipments.It has over 200 employees,65 of which are engineers and technicians,32% of the total workforce.The company has strong technical background and can produce over 300,000 pumps each year.

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We through continuous communication and cooperation with customers,provide professional value-added services,make its implication to enlarge and strengthen the value effect.Knowledge,experience,information,brand and reputation is knowledge intensive elements of a professional services firm that create value,also is the main body of the professional services firm every value chain.